V&A Design Culture Salon 07.03.14

What are the gender politics of contemporary design practice? Sarah was invited to sit on a panel in a discussion about the impact of 'Fourth Wave Feminism' on design today.

'Fourth Wave' feminism has recently put gender politics back in the headlines and is impacting on the design of everyday objects, from the £10 note to Lego.

Female designers are also looking again at the gender politics of contemporary design practice, both in relation to the structure of the profession and through their designs. So, is gender politics still an issue in contemporary design? If so, how and why is this the case? How have gender stereotypes of the 'woman designer' changed? How can these politics be resolved and what can designers do about it?

Chair: Dr Catharine Rossi, Kingston University
Marloes Ten Bohmer, Stanley Picker Fellow, Kingston University
Prof. Teal Triggs, Associate Dean School of Communication,RCA
Simone Brewster, Spatial Designer
Sarah van Gameren, Designer

A debrief of the evening can be found here

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