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A portrait of Tim and Sarah raising a Hold Me vase above their heads
“Glithero’s complex works question the confines of contemporary design and each innovative piece reflects the studio’s constant process of reinvention.”
Ginger Gregg Duggan of curatorsquared.
Pinboard of cut-out paper silhouette form studies

Glithero is the creative partnership of Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson.

The duo create objects and installations that are the result of meticulous experimentation and material invention. Bridging the fields of art, design and craft, Glithero are not wed to one particular material or technique, but their works are identifiable by a conceptual idea; to foster a deeper understanding of the value that is created in the moment of making. Their works can be found in numerous public collections including the V&A Museum, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques and the Israel Museum.