Ten Small Atlases 14.04.10 - 21.04.10

The IN Residence / Design Dialogues project presents in Milano, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the exhibition TEN SMALL ATLASES / Ten processes Behind Ten Objects, curated by Barbara Brondi e Marco Rainò.

TEN SMALL ATLASES is an exhibition that shows the experience of the IN Residence project, a thematic workshop that involves young international designers of recognised talent and even younger students, held in Torino every year since 2008 in the Residence Du Parc.

The exhibition focus is the design process, the way things come to be made. Ten designers will show their visual vocabularies, creative strategies and dictionary of allusions based on which are conceived their displayed works. Each designer is given a space to display the work and a collection of other objects, writings, drawings, images that influenced, inspired, compelled and encouraged the designer in creating the work. Ten dedicated small areas will collect thoughts that will show the creative process and tell the story about the conceiving of each designer’s work and therefore will appear like ‘ten small atlases’.



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