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Woven Song Tablecloths

Jacquard woven cotton
These tablecloths are the result of what happens when you run organ music punch cards through a jacquard weaving loom. This collection is the centrepiece from our Woven Song exhibition, which explored the possibly of laying one craft discipline onto another. The translation was made by copying the code of an organ book into the format of a jacquard weaving book.
A rectangular tablecloth made using the Mimosa Waltz organ music book
A detail of the Mimosa Waltz tablecloth
Round tablecloth made using the Red Bank Boogie organ music book
A square table cloth made using the Organ Man organ book music
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The pattern woven into the fabric, resembling snowy abstract pixels, is in fact the coded language of a song. The green rectangular tablecloth is the Mimosa Waltz, the ochre square is The Organman, and the circle is the Red Bank Boogie. The tablecloths are in the permanent collection of the Zuiderzee Museum, Netherlands.