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Woven Song Boogie Scarves

Boogie scarves is a set of woven scarves that mimic the organ music punch card of Count Basie’s Red Bank Boogie. The project is a playful reversal of input becoming output. Instead of being the code for driving an organ, the language of punched squares becomes a decorative motif of dashes and slots.
A scattering of Boogie Scarves
A detail of a Boogie Scarf showing the organ music incisions
A archive of organ music books
A Boogie Scarf warn around the someones neck
A top view of the making of an organ book using a punching machine
No items found.

An experienced organ builder would be able to read the music from the scarf, but it would be not much use in their organ. Boogie Scarves are in the permanent collection of the Zuiderzee Museum, the Netherlands.