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Rubia Spectrum

Dyed wool
Rubia Spectrum is an idea for upholstering furniture in fabric that has been dip dyed over a passage of time. The idea came from experimenting with dyeing techniques and finding joy in the intrinsic relationship between time and colour density. For this proof of concept, we dipped seven metre lengths of fabric into a tank of Rubia dye using a crane, before raising it at set intervals. The fabric was then used to upholster a three metre long sofa. We used the fabric in the same orientation that it was dipped, giving the impression that the itself sofa was hoisted out of the dye. Commissioned by Kvadrat.
A roll of fabric which has been dip dyed at intervals with Rubia dye to create segments of different intensity
A roll of fabric suspended by crane over a tank of dye
Sketch concept for furniture that has been upholstered by dyed fabric
A sofa that has been upholstered with dip dyed fabric from intense to red to natural wool
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