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Les French Wall Lights

Bronze, glass
28cm x 90cm x 28cm
Les French is a series of furniture that embodies the value of the first impulsive sketch. In our studio we make spontaneous structures using bamboo and string, that are then cast in bronze. Using the lost material casting process the structures, that were once spontaneous and loose, become rigid and strong.
A detail of a Les French Wall Light showing the strung knot joints
A detail of a Les French Wall Light showing the hand blown glass globe shade
Bamboo wall lights before being sent to the foundry to be cast in bronze
Freshly cast Les French Wall Lights on a table at the foundry
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Les French is an exercise in intuitive making. By shortcutting between the impulsive sketch and the structural outcome, the process of creation is not burdened by the formalities of designing furniture. On the contrary, it encapsulates the truth and creativity of the first spark of thought.