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Fire Drawings

Plywood, phosphorus sulphide
212cm x 180cm x 5cm
Fire Drawings are remnants of a performance acted out by a flame. We screen printed compositions of lines onto three wood canvases using a flammable paint, each starting at a single point before branching into multiple pathways. When lit, the flames burn along the path like a fuse, leaving a charcoal trail behind. Each choreography takes a different route but finishes with the same crescendo; a burning circle of fire.
A collection of stills showing the different stages of Fire Drawings burning
A Fire Drawing before burning with branching flammable paint design
A Fire Drawing after burning with singed remains of branches
A photograph from Fire Drawings exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery of hung work and film
3 Fire Drawings on display at the Jerwood gallery
A detail of Fire Drawings showing burnt pathways
A large Fire Drawing before burning with double branching design
A large Fire Drawing after burning with double branching design
A behind the scenes photo from the Fire Drawings Film showing camera and lights setup
Sarah preparing to light a Fire Drawing
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