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Domino Light

HI-MACS, Copper
15cm x 60cm x 22cm
Domino light is a table light that is switched on using a rally of conductive copper dominos. When the domino rally falls an electrical circuit is completed which switches on the light. There is a ‘rocker’ domino in the base of the lamp to start the rally and a ‘receiver’ domino to mark where it finishes. Within the lamp there is a space to store dominos that are not in use. The dominos can be arranged in any configuration as long as the rally starts and finishes at the base of the lamp.
Detail of Domino Light with copper dominos
A girl starts the domino rally which switches the Domino Light on
Detail copper dominos lined up
Detail of Domino Light base and collapsed copper dominos
Domino Light switched on with collapsed dominos completing electrical circuit
Domino Light with copper dominos ready for setting off
A sketch of Domino Light
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We created Domino light to play with the act of switching it on. Because we are used to lights switching instantaneously it is easy to take for granted that even simple technological happenings are made possible by the physical properties of materials; In this case, the supreme conductive properties of copper.