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Botanical Tiles

Earthenware Tiles
Botanical Tiles are architectural ceramic tiles that feature the silhouttes of weeds that have been foraged from around our London studio. After harvesting and pressing the specimen in flower presses, we compose them into designs that are hand scribed into the tile surface using the technique of sgraffito.
Botanicsl Tiles being inscribed with Sgraffito technique
A foraged weed
A tile poured with glaze
The ceramic tile studio
Green Botanical Tiles with sgraffito seaweed design
A pressed weed on herbarium paper
A layout design for Botanical Tiles with hands pointing
Blue Botanical Tiles with design of foraged weeds
A weed foraged from a wall
A Botanical Tiles Mural layed out on the floor in black and white glaze
Details of Botanical Tile mural of weeds in black and white glaze
Hands lay out blue Botanical Tiles with sgraffito design of weeds
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While the library of weeds is at our studio, the tiles are made in the Netherlands using traditional hand cutting and glazing techniques that have been practiced for Centuries.

Botanical tiles are made to order and the botanicals are composed to fit your particular area or requirement. They are suitable for all interior applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas. You can find them in homes, commercial spaces and restaurants. For more information, including how to request samples, please visit