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Blueware Tiles

Earthenware, cyanotype
Blueware tiles are ceramic tiles with cyanotype photograms of foraged weeds. We select flora from our herbarium to make intricate composition that are then captured onto photosensitive tiles using light. Symmetrical patterns are made by flipping the weeds over and exposing them to light from the other side.
A Blueware tile mural with cyanotype photograms of pressed weeds with 5 lines of symmetry
An overview of open flower presses showing different foraged specimen
A presentation of Blueware tiles exhibited at Brompton Design week including glass plates with specimen
Laying out a large Blueware tile mural on the floor
A small Blueware tile tableau showing specimen alongside cyanotype specimen
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This method creates a direct representation of nature, rather than an embellished one. The subjects of the designs are represented exactly as they are harvested; roots, warts and all.

Blueware Tiles are in the permanent collection of Museum Princesshof, the Friesmuseum, and the Kunstmuseum, the Netherlands.