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You Me and Everyone We Know

100 pots with the hands of 100 people
Earthenware, silver gelatin, polaroids, audio
In this work one hundred people are united by a common gesture. Over the course of a year, Glithero invited friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and collaborators, into their studio’s photographic darkroom and captured the silhouettes of their hands upon a vessel.
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One by one, each person performed the same movement; turning on the spot with the vase held above their head. The result is a collective portrait; a snapshot of a community from this place and of our time. The traces captured on each of these vases carry a simple message. “We were here."

Each of the vessels in One Hundred Handfuls bear the result of an encounter in the photographic darkroom; a process of explanation and conversation, movement and timing. Glithero recorded the sounds from these encounters which have been made into an audio work by composer and artist Claudia Molitor. The composition weaves together fragments of dialogue, tactile sounds of the vases being handled, movements of the body, and music that reflects the rhythm and intimacy of participating in the work.