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Woven Song

Woven Song is an exhibition of objects and documentation from our endeavour to weave fabric using organ music punched cards. Around a central film installation, the exhibition presents the objects and artefacts from the process in specially designed cases.
A piece of fabric woven on a Jacquard Loom from organ music punched cards
Visitors to the exhibition browse the exhibits
Visitors sat on a bench watch the Woven Song film installation
A split screen image showing the two protagonists of Woven Song, an organ maker and a weaver
Visitors browse one the exhibition's custom vitrines
A weaving book of punched cards used for a Jacquard Loom
Visitors browsing artefacts of the exhibition
A studio photo that shows an original organ book, a weaving book and the fabric which was the outcome of the project
Silk scarves woven in the format of an organ book
A vitrine containing silk scarves made for the exhibition
A vitrine containing artefacts of the project, including punching tools
A sketch design for one of the exhibition vitrines showing the layout of the objects
A detail of the exhibition showing an accumulation of card punched holes
No items found.

The project bridged two crafts, jacquard weaving and mechanical organ making, that share a common ground, the use of punched cards to drive a process. We wanted to see if the wisdom from one craft could overlay the other, to learn which scenarios might arise from asking this question.

The journey of the project is documented in a double-aspect film, that presents the two halves of the project in unison.

The project is in the permanent collection of the Zuiderzee Museum and Textile Museum in the Netherlands and has been exhibited at Lambretta Art Project, Milan, SCIN gallery London, and Dundee Design Festival.