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The Long Drop

Timber, poly-concrete
Long Drop is a concept for a large-scale poured table that wraps itself around the space it was made in. Conventionally moulds are cast into, but Long Drop flips that idea inside out. Parts of the pouring channel are assembled within a building, so that it wraps itself around the space. Poly concrete is then poured down the channel and allowed to harden before the mould is disassembled. The casting that is left, a lava-like winding sculpture, contains all the clues of its own making. It is also a path that leads you towards its origin; The point in the air from which the material was poured.
The spiralling chute before the poly-concrete was poured down it
A concept sketch for The Long Drop showing visitors sat around the base of a descending cast table
Sarah atop a ladder pouring the first buckets of poly-concrete
A detail of Sarah pouring poly-concrete down the chute
A detail of the red poly-concrete set hard like lava
A concept model for The Long Drop from the side
A concept model of The Long Drop from above
A concept sketch for the Long Drop showing chairs cast of central branch
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