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Running Mould

6m dia
Running Mould is a bench made by blowing up the technique of making plaster cornices on a big scale. The shape of the bench was built up gradually by scraping layers of wet plaster with a former pivoting around the centre of the gallery. It was a physical process that took a team of six people three days to complete, mixing two tons of plaster by hand
An overview of the Running Mould installation showing the two benches run off the pivot built in the rooms centre
A timber frame before the forms were run with plaster
Glithero team looking on before the plastering begins
A finished plaster bench with the overspill of plaster visible
3 tonnes of plaster ready to be mixed by hand in the plaster mixing station
A concept model for Running Mould showing plasticine figure reclining on oversize red plaster bench
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The process of running plaster cornices requires a delicate balance of patience and speed. The former needs to run in the precise moment that the plaster starts to thicken and swell, but if left too late it will grip and get stuck. By allowing the material to dictate the rhythm of the repetitive process, an exquisite form starts to emerge.