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Poured Bar

Poly-concrete, timber
6m x .5m
Poured Bar is a bar top made by pouring. Buckets of poly concrete are poured over a flat surface in succession until a thick layer is formed. After the poly concrete is fully set, it is flipped over and mounted onto a timber frame. The different coloured pools and swirls of the first pours become the lasting surface of the bar.
Tim pouring a bucket of blue poly-concrete over flat surface
Sarah pouring a bucket of green poly-concrete with timber bar structure behind
A detail of a puddle of hard lava-like poly-concrete in three colours
Tim and Sarah pouring buckets of poly-concrete over 6 metre surface
A behind the scenes shot showing camera rig and grand ballroom of the Corinthia hotel
An overview of Poured Bar mounted upon timber frame
Swirls of different coloured poly-concrete revealed once the poured material is set and flipped
A concept model for Poured Bar being held
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