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Panta Rei

Wax, mechanics
6m dia
Panta Rei is a mechanical candle dipping installation. Each one of twenty four strings passes through an eyelet and pulley, before attaching to the end of a single CAM arm. As the arm slowly revolves, the strings are lifted and lowered in a cylindrical wave motion. The candle wick at the end of the strings is in turn dipped into a drum of molten candle wax, so that a thin layer of wax builds up each time. Over a number of cycles, a full harvest of candles is made.
A ceiling detail of Panta Rei at Nilufar gallery Milan
An overview of Panta Rei at Nilufar gallery with blue wax candles
A detail of harvested blue wax candles hung on the wall
Tim fixing candle wick to the end of the dipping lines at Z33 gallery
An overview of the dipping buckets and strings at Z33 gallery
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Panta Rei is a performance piece that lets an audience be immersed in the motion of a process. It was commissioned by Nilufar gallery, Italy, Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijón, Spain and gallery Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.