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Nez à Nez

Nez is a museum exhibition that we designed about perfumery. Challenged with finding a way of showing fragrance in a museum environment, we created 6 rooms that present the perfumes using canny physical engagements; From fans that are lifted from the surface of tables, to vessels that release the perfume when the visitor pulls down on helium balloons; Each concept required the visitor to explore and interact with the installations in order to access the scent.
A visitor smelling perfumes in the Nez a Nez exhibition room theme of nature with light rays
Perfumes presented within cones of light and conical glass vessels
A watercolour sketch of stained glass window depicting perfume bottles
A stained glass window depicting perfume bottles casts coloured light upon perfumes presented on a table
Coloured light from a stained glass window falls on perfume bell jars
The stained glass window room of the Nez a Nez exhibition
The information room of the Nez a Nez exhibition with portraits of the perfumers
A visitor smells perfumes within round glass vessels
A watercolour sketch of idea for presenting perfumes in the exhibition
A visitor opens a fan containing perfume of our Nez a Nez exhibition
A mockup of a concept for presenting perfumes within a paper fan
A visitor reads exhibition information texts
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The installations were conceived to create an evolving experience for the museum visitor whilst not over baring the sensations of the perfumes. To supplement this idea we developed a palette consisting of very subtly tainted white colours that was designed to heighten sensorial perceptions.

Nez á Nez is in the permanent collection of the Musée de Design et d'Arts Appliqués Contemporains (Mudac), Switzerland, and has been exhibited at the Power Station of Art, China. The curation of the perfumes and the themes into which they were divided was a collaboration between MUDAC and olfactory magazine Nez.