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Steel frame, glass
Luminaries is an installation of sculptures that only exist in the eye of the beholder. Using the technique of Peppers Ghost, we created a collection of light sculptures that consist of neons and wire frames. These two elements are kept a distance apart, but are visually brought together by reflecting one onto the other using panes of glass.
A detail of Luminary wire frame sculpture
A cubic wireframe Luminary sculpture appears as a reflection around a strip of neon
A wireframe cylinder appears as a reflection around a halo of neon
A view of Luminaries as you viewed when you enter the Musee de la Mine
A wireframe diamond appears as a reflection around a hoop of neon
A chimney shaped wireframe sculpture appears as a reflection around two neon rings
A tall wireframe pyramid partially appears as a reflection in a pane of glass within the mines workshop
A wireframe triangular array appears in reflection around a triangle of neon
A sketch of Luminaries showing different ideas for wireframe and neon combinations
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Using clever lighting, the apparitions appear convincingly real, but are in fact reflections created through the eye of the viewer. They are as intangible and momentary as an idea in your mind.