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Lost Time

Ball chain, basin
3m x 12m
Lost Time is an installation of strung beads that are reflected over a shallow body of still water. The weight of the suspended beads creates natural drapes that, when reflected in the surface of the water, appear as a landscape of towering structures.
Gaudi's model of the Sagrada Familia
Model studies of poised beads suspended in drape configurations
A detail of Lost Time reflected in the water basin beneath
A detail of Lost Time showing the suspended bead structures
Detail of Lost Time showing draped bead forms
Tim and Sarah photographed testing a full scale mock up of Lost Time
A work in progress shot of coiled beads
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Composed of humble materials, the dramatic vista is in fact as fragile as the surface of water in which it is viewed. Once vivid and defined, the mirage is lost as soon as the surface of the water is disturbed.

Originally created for the Design Miami Art Fair, the piece was installed permanently within the subterranean cellars at Maison Belle Epoque in Epernay, France. Several days after any rain fall above ground, water drips through into the cellar, having slowly permeated down through the chalk ground. In this way the installation exists in its’ own dimension of time, rhythm and flux.