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Green Room

Silicon, mechanics
3m x 16m
The Green Room is a kinetic installation that was designed for a six storey stairwell at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Suspended from the ceiling above, a curtain barrel of multicoloured silicon cords moves slowly in a wave like motion creating an ever changing kaleidoscope of colour.
View of Green Rooms mechanical arm from top floor balcony of Victoria and Albert Museum
View up through the floors of rotating CAM arm mechanism
Orange silicon cords dangle in Victoria and Albert Museum entrance above visitors heads
Silicon cords of orange and purple coloured sections rise and fall in a wave like motion
View of Green Room silicon cords through porthole on stairwell
A view of the barrel of silicon cords in vibrant orange and purple
A sketch of Green Room showing cross section through Victoria and Albert Museum stairwell
A hand holding sections of silicon cord for colour studies
A test rig showing the pulley arrangement of pulleys for the silicon cords
A paper model of the Green Room photographed in situ within the museum as a colour study
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The origin of the moment is a single cam arm, to which the ends of all 160 cords is attached. When the arm rotates each cord is raised or lowered according to the position through which it is threaded on an outer ring.

The idea for the Green Room was to create a vibrant intervention in and under-utilised part of the museum. Located within an entrance the foyer, the installation encouraged visitors to the upper floors. Each cord consisted of different coloured sections meaning that from any of the many views of the installation the pattern was in constant flux.

Green Room was a landmark installation during the London Design Festival 2016 and was sponsored by Panerai.