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Artifact, crate, glass
Fantoom is a museum exhibition where the artefacts are presented as ephemeral reflections. The exhibition plays with issues that arise from making and conserving museum collections, such as permanence and value.
A white marble bust partially reflected in glass pane
A vase is reflected in glass to appear on plinth behind
A detail showing the vase reflected in the glass above a packaging crate containing the artefact
A broken ceramic vessel artefact within packaging crate and in reflection though glass pane
A sketch showing the concept of Fantoom with vases partially visible as reflections
A reflected vase appears on a plinth
A diagram showing the principle of Peppers Ghost
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The effect was achieved by using an old stage trick known as Pepper’s Ghost, which uses panes of glass and clever lighting to make reflections appear real and physical. The artefacts of the museum collection were placed out of view, in crates beneath glass panes, so that their reflection appeared in the physical space behind.

We carefully positioned plinths so that the objects appeared real with poise and weight. As visitors passed through the exhibition the artefacts would slide in and out of view like fleeting ghosts; transient as a thought and lucid as a memory