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Plumb bobs, chalk lines
Datum is a dance performance that explores our conscious spatial awareness versus our empirical understanding of space using tools. The performance was a collaboration with dance artists Siobhan Davis and Helka Kaski and toured a number of venues throughout the UK.‍
Helka using chalk line box at the Barbican Curve Gallery as audience look on
Siobhan Davis and Helka Kaski performing Datum at the Barbican Curve Gallery
A detail of the custom chalk line box with orange chalk
A detail of orange chalk lines left behind
Siobhan and Helka pass the chalk line box between them
Dancer using chalk line box to make chalk lines on the floor of the Curve Gallery at the Barbican
Datum performed at the Barbican
A sketch showing the envisaged map of chalk lines mapped out at the Barbican Curve Gallery
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The performance saw Siobhan and Helka use a chalk line to mark their movement through the gallery. The chalk trails left behind revealed a geometrical interpretation of space. Performed multiple times a day, the resulting traces were continually being written and rewritten. The performance started with the swinging of a plumb bob and finished when the plumb bob lost momentum and became still.

Datum was performed at the Barbican gallery, London, the Bluecoat gallery, Liverpool, The Tramway, Glasgow, and Whitworth gallery, Manchester.