The Voice of Things 19.09.15 - 27.09.15

Platform 18 Presents The Voice of Things; an exhibition exploring the subject of Reproduction. The Voice of Things is a celebration of Platform 18's activity in the Design Products Department of the Royal College of Art, and the group of talented designers that it has nurtured. As the platform completes its third and final year, graduates from across the three years come together to complete a common brief for an exhibition curated by platform tutors Sarah van Gameren and Philippe Malouin.

The participating designers have been asked to find a person who can describe a functional object to them solely through spoken word. The designers cannot see, touch, smell or taste the authentic object but are expected to recreate it according to the descriptions received. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to view both the originals and their interpretations, which will be presented side by side.

The Voice of Things is an exhibition about description, translation and interpretation. It also aims to showcase the common qualities developed by graduates of the platform developed through the tutoring by Van Gameren and Malouin, who expected their students to be thinkers and makers; Meticulous, methodical, adventurous and fanatical individuals with a sensibility to both artistic and aesthetic values. The exhibition will take place during London Design Festival at the Brompton Design District.


For press requests and information please contact studio@linapatsiou.com

Exhibition Location: 15a Cromwell Place Garage

Exhibition Dates: 19 - 27 September 2015

Late Night Opening: 24 September 2015

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