Made to Measure 14.09.13 - 30.03.14

Glithero presents the exhibition Made to Measure / Maatwerk commissioned by Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen. Developed around the theme of immaterial heritage with the emphasis on crafts, the exhibition Made to Measure is a modern interpretation of traditional techniques. How can old techniques be used in a modern way? How can unusual ideas, which cannot be realized in modern textile factories nowadays, be executed on a small scale? 

From the multitude of old crafts a correlation between the organ book maker, and the weaver was made. There is a distinct connection between the two crafts: in either case the craftsman punches cards and these cards drive a machine. Made to Measure examined the possibility of using the pattern of an organ punch card as input for a loom. This way the project succeeds in translating the know-how of one discipline to the other, and weave music in textile.

The exhibition not only includes the final products of the search – the table cloths and the scarves – but also shows the search itself: the exploratory expedition into the possibility to mutually translate know-how between the two crafts and use traditional techniques in a new way.

Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen


September 14, 2013 - March 30, 2014

Made to Measure



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