Luminaries St Etienne 12.03.15 - 12.04.15

For Saint-Étienne Biennale 2015 we are presenting a new installation work. 'Luminaries' is inspired by the principle of 'Ghost Light' or 'Ignis Fatus', the hovering phosphorus glow seen above marshlands that would disappear when approached. In European folklore it marks the place where treasure is buried or it leads travellers astray. We are excited to be presenting the work at the Musée de la Mine, a decommissioned coalmine that is preserved as a monument of the town's mining heritage.

Address: Musée de la Mine, salle des compresseurs
3 boulevard Franchet d’Espèrey, Saint-Étienne, France
Opening Hours: Monday 2pm - 6pm, Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 6pm



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