Luminaries in Jerusalem 19.05.16 - 26.05.16

Jerusalem Design Week is a seven days event that takes place in the newly renovated and restored Hanson House, formerly a leper house and an architectural design treasure, that recently became a new center of design media and technology in Jerusalem. Throughout the week exhibitions, workshops events and meetings take place, opening up the world of design to the general public.

Glithero’s Luminaries is an interactive light installation comprised of two parts; A series of suspended neon lights which make a landscape of geometric forms, and wire frame structures that are contained within cases on the floor. It is only once the visitor passes in front of the lights that the object is completed and the two elements are visually brought together by means of reflection in suspended sheets of glass that hang overhead. Therefore the luminaries only exist in the moment through the eyes of the visitor as the image appears solely when viewers stand in front of this reflection. They can only exists as a temporary form. 

This installation is commissioned in 2015 by the Cité du Design for the biennale international du design Saint-Étienne.  

Exhibition Schedule


Hansen House

Center of Design, Media and Technology

Gedalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem 14


Public Show Days :

Starts on the 19th May

Sunday to Thursday from 10am-6pm 

Friday 10am-2pm


Tim Simpson will give a lecture as part of the Design week on Thursday from 14:20-14:40 in Hanson House!

More information about Jerusalem Design week here.



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