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Luminaries is an installation created for the location of the Musée de la mine, a decommissioned coalmine that is today preserved as a monument to the town‘s mining heritage.

Glithero were influenced by the strong sensation of absence that the mine evokes. The site is left as it was on the day the mine closed in 1973. A tool perched upon a workbench, miner‘s lamps placed in charging bays, and overalls suspended as if still warm from a days shift. Our imaginations fill in the gaps of the scene and bring the mine back to life.

Luminaries is a work of two parts; suspended neon lights that make a landscape of geometric forms and wire frame structures that are contained within cases on the floor in front. When visitors pass through the space, these two elements are visually brought together by means of reflection in suspended sheets of glass. The wire frame structures appear to surround and interact with the lights, but the resulting forms are optical not physical. The Luminaries only exist in the eyes of the visitor.

The work is a continuation of Glithero‘s fascination with the moment things begin to exist or take shape. Luminaries is a development of these thoughts - a work that only exists in a temporary form or doesn‘t even 'exist' at all. It invites the visitor to question the values we place upon objects, possession and consumerism, whether we desire what you cannot touch or hold and if we still want what has no substance, poise or weight?

Commissioned by Cité du Design for the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2015.




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