Green Botanical Tiles 05.08.19 - 05.08.20

Bottle green!
Introducing a fresh new colour to our Botanical Tiles collection, we have just finished a mural for a world renowned restaurant on the Manhattan Seaport in New York City. For this very special project we have used local seaweed specimen that were foraged from the East River coast and guests will dine within a sea of deep green. 

The pigment on the tiles is a historical tin glaze that has been developed using traditional formulas that’s creates natural differences in tone and depth. By a long arduous process, the perfect tint and hue of Green is achieved and then glazed onto the tile before the designs are scribed into it using the sgraffito technique.

The outcome is two large independent murals, encompassing 40 square meters that span across two floors in the restaurant and bar. We can’t wait for it to open!



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