Fantoom - Kortrijk Biennale 28.10.14 - 14.12.14

For International Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium, Glithero have designed an interactive installation that will lead visitors on a mysterious but sublime journey around the Broel Museum.

Pepper’s Ghost is the name of a Victorian invention that was used in theatres to create the optical effect of a ghostly presence on stage. Throughout the Broel Museum, Glithero explore the physical and storytelling potential of Pepper’s Ghost by transforming the space into an immersive installation. Transparent surfaces allow reflections to come alive and merge with real objects, challenging the perception of objects in space. Tricks and illusions bewilder by muddling the worlds of reality and fiction, materiality and fantasy.

The Broel Museum has been an historical institution of cultural heritage with a long-standing permanent collection. Today, the future of the museum is in flux. In response to this change and the disappearance of the museums artifacts, Glithero use ephemerality to question the idea of permanence and physicality by imagining a new way to showcase non-present collections.

As visitors travel around the space interacting with the installation they will slowly unravel a story that plays with the tangible and intangible and reflects on the material existence of the past and the augmented reality of the present.

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8500 Kortrijk
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