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The Broelmuseum is an institution of cultural heritage with a long-standing permanent collection, but its future is uncertain. Fantoom is an installation using glass surfaces and light that offers an alternative way of viewing artefacts of the museum’s collection as ephemeral reflections. The work invites the visitors to consider the inherent tensions that exist within the notion of a collection - the friction between permanence and transience, preservation and presentation, and depreciation versus maturation.

Rather than magnifying the moment when a product is coming into being, our attention is now focused on the speculative last moment before a product is packed and ready to be removed from display, the last frame in a transition to nothingness. Think about the discoloured imprint on wallpaper when a painting has been taken off the wall. When an object that has been in our presence for a very long time is gone, it feels as if some of the object’s virtues still remain in place. Fantoom questions whether the physical presence of a product is essential to its existence by giving form to this uncanny sensation.

Commissioned by Designregio Kortrijk and the Broelmuseum.






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