Boisbuchet Workshop 03.08.14 - 09.08.14

For one week this summer, 3rd - 9th August, we will run a practice-based workshop titled Process as Spectacle at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. Participants will gain insight into our creative process through practical exercises and problem solving but always emphasising the poetic nature of a spectacle. 

We will focus on the moment of creation, the steps leading up to the moment that a product is finished or just when it starts to exist. This workshop is about timing and choreography. It is about shifting the focus away from the end product and to the process and moment of creation. Students will be set a challenge that encourages them to think less about the final destination and explore beautiful and fantastical ways of making the journey from A to B.

Booking details and more information can be found here 

(Image - Antoon Versteegde for 'Social Design: Trust' workshop at Boisbuchet, 2013)


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