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120/7 Rubia Spectrum

Rubia Spectrum for Kvadrat is a new project in keeping with our extensive prototyping work that lays bare and celebrates the beauty of the creative process. Working with Hallingdal 65 this approach meant using vast lengths of the textile as an experimental test strip, studying and showing the beauty of its gradual colouration using a natural coloring pigment called Rubia. 

Working with a series of pigment specialists we immersed the fabric in a large drum of Rubia, a miraculous organic red dye that is extracted from the root of the Madder plant, before being slowly raised at regular intervals. The resulting gradient colour strip both reveals the passing of time, and pays homage to the beauty of a stage of the design process that is usually left behind in the artists workshop. The dip-dying process also introduces a new layer of colour, susceptible to chance and imperfection, that contrasts with the meticulously coloured Hallingdal textile.

Sofa by Cappellini.
In collaboration with Rubia Natural Colours.






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