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Woven Songs

Woven Songs is a work about making woven textiles from organ music punch cards. It was originally commissioned by the Zuiderzee museum in response to the theme 'Immaterial heritage', which refers to saving ways of the past that are not tangible such as wisdom and craft skills.

The subject of the work are two craftsmen, an organ maker and a weaver, chosen by Glithero because of the uncanny similarities between their crafts - they both work with punched cards that determine the outcomes of their machines, but also because of the similarities in the characters themselves. Both craftsmen are at the end of line of craftsmen from which knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, but as technology pushes old ways into the past, the future of that lineage is uncertain. Their minds, the knowledge, experience and know-how are valuable historical artefacts but how do with preserve such complex and personal resources?

Glithero's response was to create a hybrid work that leads one craft to the other. They worked with the craftsmen to create a way to produce fabric on the weave machine using organ music punch cards to create the design. In effect, weaving music. Through this unorthodox translation of one craft into another, the skill and wisdom of the crafts is brought to the surface and made visible. This exhibition presents the fabrics and artefacts of this challenge along side a video installation that documents the project.






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