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Les French

The series of Les French furniture pieces is an ode to the prototype. Derived from a mission to capture the impulsive gesture we see in the first sketch. 

The project became an exercise in two parts. Ad-hoc configurations of bamboo joined together with wound string were used for the legs. Through a process of loss material casting, the fragile and unlikely structures are translated to structural and permanent bronze bases. The top volumes were sketched in cardboard like a family of unique characters fitting the bronze bases. Laid out, the cardboard patterns became the guidelines to a lightweight fabrication in gum-paper strips, underlining the friction in permanence between the top and the bottom part. 

2009 | Specs



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Piece titles:

The collection manifests a multitude of contradictions and translations, in notions of material, value and permanence. As such, each piece in the series is named after a French term which has been appropriated into the English language with eccentric connotations.

Tête à tête / Sacre bleu / Déjà vu / Faux pas / Coup de grâce / Raison d'être / Enfant terrible / Laissez-faire / Petit déjeuner / Ménage à Trois

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